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First stop motion?

So this is your first stop motion? Okay then!

Well, to start off...
It was pretty simple and fun looking stop motion. I liked the laser effects that came from R.O.B's eyes, but... They just seemed to be some short blinks of light rather than actual laser shots.

The idea was simple, just Wall-E messing with R.O.B until he gets pissed and starts chasing, yeah. Nothing complex. Just simple idea with a simple ending aswell.

Audio track was nothing special either, just existing lines from the Wall-E movie and other sound effects.

Okay... Now to constructive feedback with the animation...
As an ex-animator in claymotion and stop motion, I have to say that you could have taken more frames of movement with your camera, because at times it looked that everything was all jumpy and hasty. It's the usual thing to happen to new comers to stop motion and I can relate to that aswell. If you take a lot more frames, the video can be put in to a simple video editing program so you can adjust the frames per second rate look nice and overall result is a lot better.

In overall, this is simple, nothing new, but pretty good looking first try at stop motion.

Animation: 4
Audio: 5

Overall: 4

Just try harder next time you do a stop motion, ok?


...You what?!

So that's where tankies come from!
I found it gross though, because of P-Bot of being pregnant.
But I love Tom's acting, that's for sure.

Nice usage of NG audio portal music, 3D animation and real acting.

What a swell way to promote the coming up Tank Awards.

...Also it's P-Bot's first time to get co-author for something!


This is a fair try, but not the best possible.
Let's start with the animation...

The animation seemed to be pretty rushed as for example the manager's scaling seemed to be little off at times and also the artwork wasn't all that clean. But I can accept that. Lip sync worked quite well though.
The main problem with the animation was that most of it were just quick drawings. They could have been at least somewhat animated even if it would have raised the amount of work a lot more.

Then the song itself...
I'm sad to say this, but FrancineLouise didn't even sound she was seriously trying at singing. She seemed to be bored or so all trough the whole song. Singing requires you to put your whole heart in to it, not just sing with the same tone all the time.

The lyrics had some small problems aswell, mainly because some of the games are not originally for playstation at all. C'mon... Chrono Trigger? It was first released for SNES and Tales of Symphonia works better and was designed for the Game Cube. Just to name a few. In my opinion (note: MY opinion) the lyrics would have worked better if the lyrics would have mentioned the games that originally came to Playstation or so.

But thanks for the "We didn't Start the Fire" music on the background.

Animation: 4/10
Music: 5/10

In overall: 5/10 (2 out of 5)

Try to work harder next time, ok?


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"Derpy will no walk into any harm on her own"
If only this rule applied better when Derpy gets hit by anything (most notably happened to me in the stage with the log you had to time to walk over it), because despite some of the invulnerabilities (as I presume there is some time window for that), Derpy becomes a tad too hard to control, and I managed to lose three lives for one mistake because I couldn't her to behave properly before she bumped into something again.

Also I'd criticize the choice to move camera in accordance to the mouse's position. Because of this it takes a couple of seconds to locate Derpy when a stage starts, and it gets slightly irritating in any tighter area where you need to be careful. I'd suggest to centralize the camera on Derpy when a new stage starts (if it's already supposed to, then it's not working right), and make the camera move only at the edges of the screen. Perhaps make it an option to decide between the two camera types?

Biggest gripe for me however is the decision to throw the player all the way to the beginning upon game over. In a simple nature of a game like this, it only becomes tiresome to go through the levels again, even more so if you just did one simple mistake that then lead to three-four hit combo and game over, like what happened to me a couple of times. Players may outright just quit and not finish it because of this. it's only superficially padding extra length for the game.

Other than those, it seems to be a fairly good game with some nice looking in-game environment graphics to boot. Music fits quite nicely, and Derpy feels pretty lively. The cutscene animations aren't too bad either.

All in all, I'd say it's a fairly simple artsy game, with some rather minor, albeit annoying, flaws. Solid 3/5 for presentation alone.

Simple platformer with very little to offer

First thing first, this game is unplayable on Mac OS X or at least on my Mac (OS X Leopard, newest Flash player, didn't work in either Chrome or Firefox), because the controls do not respond to input. Whatever code you may be using with Stencyl to get the controls down, get/code something better. Get a play tester with a Mac to see if similiar issues arise in future games of yours.

Well then, what's the good stuff in here? The controls (when they work) are nice and responsive, and you've got nice control over the character's movement. The collision detection works pretty nicely too, so it's player's fault when they mess up, rather than the game breaking down. Also, the graphical style is nicely simplistic, so there's little to complain about.

But the bad thing is... That's pretty much it. The game itself is a textbook example of how to make a generic platformer. There's next to nothing new here, and this kind of game simply has been made before sometimes even better than what's shown here. While it works for what it is, Newgrounds gets introduced to games like this pretty much daily so it's harder to find anything that sets it apart from others. This is one of those games that you easily forget right after you're done with it, or even while you're playing it. The only more "fun" part was the boss battle at the end (which felt kinda rushed given how lazily the Santa bot seemed to be animated, and how it simply walked through things and then randomly fell to oblivion), but that doesn't win it over. The soundtrack works to the game's disadventage, as it feels just about as generic as the gameplay itself. The music loops so much and it's so boring to listen to, that by end of the game I was getting sick of it. More variety on that ground, aswell as gameplay, would be very much appreciated. Also the cutscenes are boring to watch, so one could simply skip 'em because they don't miss anything notable for doing so.

When I happened to stumble upon your Twitter (and from there play this game), I noticed you said that the reception here on Newgrounds has been kind of slow because "people don't like challenge these days". It's not that, because this isn't a challenging in a way or another as it's just a boring blend of trial and error.

I decided to give you four stars. Three of which are for the graphics, and one for the technical aspects. I could have given you more, but with the inability to play it on Macs and the fact it's made with Stencyl (in other words, you had to do less yourself) I decided to only give one. The soundtrack doesn't win a single point in my book for its repetitiveness, and the used sound effects don't make me give it any extra points either.

I'm not familiar with Stencyl, so I'm not sure what it allows you to do and what kind of limitations it has, but I'd really suggest you to pair up with a competent programmer and/or learn Flash programming yourself. I'm saying this because you've got promise, but you'll need to step up your game and make something more interesting or fun if you want to make a bigger impact.

Don't mind it if this review stands out as a big speech of hate to you. What I'm trying to say here is that you should try and experiment with something more complex (and possibly more fun) things to create something more noteworthy or enjoyable.

Ps. One thing that irks me is that the jumping animation is the same as the used for running.

Hadoken!... Did Spiderman say that?

I do have to say this is technically impressive when it comes to the concept:
Never seen a 3D fighting game made with Flash before.

But as this being BETA version, I'll give you some pointers on what to work on:

-Needs more attack buttons, probably something like different buttons for regular and special attacks would be nice

-Needs more variation with character models. All of them are the same, just with different textures.

-Music is really missing here, which is a let down for a typical fighting game.

-All of the characters need more personalized attack move sets. Even you have to admit SpiderMan doing the hadoken is really odd.

-Character fighting stances are all the same, because they are the same models just with different textures. Try fixing that.

-Jumping is somewhat akward and executing attacks while jumping is clumsy

-Although not something you need to take attention in to, the game would probably work better with 2D enviroment, as you cannot really move all that well around. Plus the 3D enviroment makes the game slower, because it consumes more CPU to play properly.

-Hitbox response is random at times and sometimes when the character clearly hits the opponent, the opponent doesn't seem to even budge.

-Try giving some different voices to the characters. All of them doing the same voice clips tends to be boring, rather than decent or anything.

But you still have my kudos on making a 3D fighting game with Flash and that it actually works. Maybe not perfectly, but still. I'll make sure to check the full version whenever you get it done.

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Great remix of the original

As the original song being my definete favorite song from the ZX games, this really blows your mind away as it should have been there instead of the original :D

And on top of that this builds up the awesomeness every second until the very end, which makes it even more awesome. Especially around 5:07 and 5:50 it started to sound that great, that my brains started to melt because of it.

Great work both you and Z-R. Hoping for more stuff like this! :)

DarKsidE555 responds:

Well, without the original, there wouldn't be something like this. It's always easier to say "hey, this should be in the game instead of the original".

Anyways, glad you enjoyed the build up and all the topings. :)

More stuff probably on the way. ;)


Loved the song, hoping to hear the full version soon.
Im already tempted to animate this song even it's not the full song,
might even animate this, hehe, I dont know.

Anyway, great song.
Loved it a lot, especially because of the lyrics used.

10/10 and download definetely.

sonicmega responds:

If you animate this, please make sure to link me to it. I always appreciate seeing what others have managed to do with my work, regardless of how the rest of the community rates it. If you're willing to put forth the effort, I'm happy enough to view it.

I'm still not believing that people are downloading this, to iPods or WHEREVER they're going. I only recently learned to stand my own voice XD


That's totally sweet remix of Commander Yammark stage.

WAY much better than the original one in the game, love it.
Especially love the flutes and drums in this one, gives out some sweet feeling.

Great as usual, 10/10.


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I'm loving it!

I'm really loving this piece of art here. It brings me back to the opening of X4, like how DarkHado already said. The expression on X's face, the crater under X's foot, the small rocks flying away, the stance... Really good attention to detail with great use of blue-ish color pallette, which makes it calming and nice for eyes. Yet it still shows how powerful and immerse the charged shot is.

As a Mega Man fan all since I played Mega Man X, which is my first game ever, I really have to say this falls under the category "best Mega Man fanart I have ever seen" for me.

Irrelevant since 1992.

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