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First stop motion?

So this is your first stop motion? Okay then!

Well, to start off...
It was pretty simple and fun looking stop motion. I liked the laser effects that came from R.O.B's eyes, but... They just seemed to be some short blinks of light rather than actual laser shots.

The idea was simple, just Wall-E messing with R.O.B until he gets pissed and starts chasing, yeah. Nothing complex. Just simple idea with a simple ending aswell.

Audio track was nothing special either, just existing lines from the Wall-E movie and other sound effects.

Okay... Now to constructive feedback with the animation...
As an ex-animator in claymotion and stop motion, I have to say that you could have taken more frames of movement with your camera, because at times it looked that everything was all jumpy and hasty. It's the usual thing to happen to new comers to stop motion and I can relate to that aswell. If you take a lot more frames, the video can be put in to a simple video editing program so you can adjust the frames per second rate look nice and overall result is a lot better.

In overall, this is simple, nothing new, but pretty good looking first try at stop motion.

Animation: 4
Audio: 5

Overall: 4

Just try harder next time you do a stop motion, ok?


...You what?!

So that's where tankies come from!
I found it gross though, because of P-Bot of being pregnant.
But I love Tom's acting, that's for sure.

Nice usage of NG audio portal music, 3D animation and real acting.

What a swell way to promote the coming up Tank Awards.

...Also it's P-Bot's first time to get co-author for something!


This is a fair try, but not the best possible.
Let's start with the animation...

The animation seemed to be pretty rushed as for example the manager's scaling seemed to be little off at times and also the artwork wasn't all that clean. But I can accept that. Lip sync worked quite well though.
The main problem with the animation was that most of it were just quick drawings. They could have been at least somewhat animated even if it would have raised the amount of work a lot more.

Then the song itself...
I'm sad to say this, but FrancineLouise didn't even sound she was seriously trying at singing. She seemed to be bored or so all trough the whole song. Singing requires you to put your whole heart in to it, not just sing with the same tone all the time.

The lyrics had some small problems aswell, mainly because some of the games are not originally for playstation at all. C'mon... Chrono Trigger? It was first released for SNES and Tales of Symphonia works better and was designed for the Game Cube. Just to name a few. In my opinion (note: MY opinion) the lyrics would have worked better if the lyrics would have mentioned the games that originally came to Playstation or so.

But thanks for the "We didn't Start the Fire" music on the background.

Animation: 4/10
Music: 5/10

In overall: 5/10 (2 out of 5)

Try to work harder next time, ok?


Is that... What?!

For real at first I thought this was some satirical joke on your "Is that... Mario & Luigi?!" when I saw the title. But I was pleasantly surprised. :)

Another crazy flash right there, gotta like that Cillit Bang banging action.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

lol well Im glad you liked it :D well what can you do, cilit bang just kicks so much ass xP

By god!... Haha, I love that

Haha, pretty simplistic and nice Halloween animation right there. I liked Jim's cameo appearance there and also liked that the Old Man Frankin was still there!

I do wonder how did he turn out in to a such big load of candy when being chopped off by a aeroplane... Spinny thingie, what has he been eatin'?!

Anyway, pretty good animation there, although seems a bit rushed with it. Also the voicing was quite low, but otherwise pretty good.

I enjoyed it, but it had some flaws, but this being a filler I don't mind that.



samsonloftin responds:

I guess I must how lower the voices...Well thanks for the review, I wanted Old Man Frankin to splatter blood like in Indiana Jones, but my friend(Noblewolf09) suggested I should actually make he spew out candy rather than blood. Thanks again for the review!


I remember watching the teaser when I just had joined Newgrounds and now that I finally get to see it...

Man, the artwork and animation is really impressive. The story has some cliché'd parts, but I don't mind those, this being a Flash movie that's really well done.

This here, is absolutely the best Flash I have ever seen here on Newgrounds, not only because of the animation and such, but because of dramatic and interesting story not to mention the great variety of sound effects and the small voice acting when there was any.

I definetely will check the third part when it comes out as I really want to know what happens next in this episode 1.

Also good luck on the future episodes, they will be ones that I will definetely check.




Haha, awesome.

Really liked the parts you made after showing me the WIPs yesterday.
Great job ya did there, haha.
Keep it up ;D

DuDuL responds:

B00yah XD NUT CRUSHER!! :D... Thanks dude!

Another great ones

I have really hard time deciding which of these two are better, both have a lot of parts I enjoy, but this seems to have more of those ones, probably this had the best ones from the whole thing.

Anyway, everyone did a great job here. Maybe some of these weren't as good as some others in animation quality or voicing, but I enjoyed all of them in general. Also nice to see that Egoraptor made a part without the usual "awesome" styled graphics.

I really have to watch it through again, because there are so many parts that I cannot even remember now after watching it.

Thank you for making my day

You my good sir made my day happier, although I still won't be able to get a copy of Castle Crashers myself, sob sob.

Anyway, nice style of artwork and coloring, it could have been little more creative than only few tweens on each character, but for some reason I think that suits the crashers here.

Also the voicing was well done, no complaints.
I gotta say I loved how you made the character personalities too.



LAVAGASM responds:

:( Awe poor guy! I hope you get to play it some day! Your review was very helpful and fair. Thanks so much.

Great another perspective

This greatly differs from the other three, I doesn't have as much animation sequences. Most of it was tweened images, but what I did like a lot was that the story wasn't like the usual ones. The other three are only love and care, where this shows the dark times of relationships.

It made me feel little sad inside and I was hoping for a better/happier ending here, but we gotta see what the last episode brings us.

Amazing visuals, well fitting song and lots of emotions showing.
You did it again.



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