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2007-07-18 04:37:34 by Shadowii2


...his face just keeps getting longer with my every visit! Someone stop him!

pls like us on [REDACTED] if you're reading this in 2016


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2011-06-15 17:40:22

Hot teen masturbating on cam.

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She starts crying at the end.

Shadowii2 responds:

That's a bit of a bummer ending then, wouldn't you say?


2014-03-05 12:55:26

What the hell?
Where are all your animations?
7 years since your last update?
What's going on?
Where are Who Stole My Pizza, Metroid Prime Catastrophe, all the Megaman X animations!?

(Updated ) Shadowii2 responds:



2014-03-17 23:49:05

Are you going to make any more movies? we are still watching your movies.

Shadowii2 responds:

Maybe. Wouldn't use this name or site for that, though.


2014-03-19 16:16:48

*-* It's baaaaaaaaack!
TY :)
What happened there?

Shadowii2 responds:

Stars aligned as according to keikaku.


2016-03-17 17:02:27

"pls like us on [REDACTED] if you're reading this in 2016"
there's no link so take my comment instead

Shadowii2 responds:

You may also check our new content on [PURCHASE NEWGROUNDS GOLD NOW TO VIEW THIS LINK]!